[trondheim-pts] Phoronix Test Suite 1.2.0 Beta 1

Michael Larabel Michael at phoronix.com
Wed Aug 6 08:50:27 CDT 2008

I am pleased to announce the first packaged development release of 
Phoronix Test Suite 1.2 "Malvik". Phoronix Test Suite 1.2.0 Beta 1 is 
now available for download and it incorporates bug fixes, *many* new 
features, a modules framework, and many other advancements for this 
testing platform. In this release, much of this new work is already 
stabilized but I'd encourage all of you to give it a try in testing. In 
fact, there are close to 100 official changes now for Phoronix Test 
Suite 1.2 and many other unofficial or minor changes.

Checkout "Features For Phoronix Test Suite 1.2" for some of the big 
changes @ http://www.phoronix.com/vr.php?view=12661

Checkout PTS 1.2.0b1 and test away! If you run into any bugs, feature 
requests, or whatever else, please report it ASAP. Also, if when running 
"phoronix-test-suite system-info" not all of the information isn't 
reported properly, report that as well. Thanks.

Source Download: 

Debian Package: 

Depending upon feedback, there will likely be another one or two beta 
releases before 1.2.0 ships. We're looking at shipping Malvik in early 
September. Below is the official change-log for this release.

Phoronix Test Suite 1.2.0 Beta 1
August 6, 2008

- pts-core: Variety of code cleaning and other general improvements
- pts-core: Implement PTS modules support
- pts-core: Move sensor monitoring support to a new module called 
- pts-core: Drop sensors and sensor-options arguments
- pts-core: Add list-modules option for listing all available/installed 
- pts-core: Add module-info option for viewing information on a module
- pts-core: Drop pts-functions_monitor.php now that it's all modularized.
- pts-core: Drop PTS_MONITOR_DIR environmental variable and 
pts_save_user_file() function from pts-core
- pts-core: Add pts_module object for providing some common functions to 
use by PTS modules
- pts-core: Add CPU usage monitoring support
- pts-core: Fixes for PTS results merging and recording of arguments
- pts-core: Clear up test file versus unique identifier / test run text
- pts-core: Allow support for loading modules manually by setting each 
module name in the PTS_MODULES environmental variable and separating 
multiple modules via comma
- pts-core: Add Extensions tag to results file
- pts-core: Introduce a test installation management system and this 
replaces the previous pts-install management solution. New setup is XML 
based and monitors time a test was installed, last time a test was run, 
number of times a test was run by PTS, and this pts-install.xml system 
will be used for some future features.
- pts-core: With info option, when a test is specified, let the user 
know whether it's installed. If it's installed, print the last time the 
test was executed and the total number of times it was executed.
- pts-core: Change location of results directory tag within the 
user-config.xml configuration
- pts-core: Change location of the user agreement check-sum tag within 
the user-config.xml configuration
- pts-core: Add LoadModules tag to user-config.xml with support for 
loading modules every time upon running PTS
- pts-core: Change BENCHMARK_ENV_DIR to TEST_ENV_DIR definition
- pts-core: pts_test_type() now returns TEST instead of BENCHMARK
- pts-core: Change DOWNLOAD_CACHE environmental variable to 
PTS_DOWNLOAD_CACHE for manual override of the download cache location
- pts-core: Add robust operating system detection support
- pts-core: Time-zone used is now set to UTC
- pts-core: Add support for OpenSolaris 2008.05 operating system
- pts-core: Add verbose system hardware detail logging support
- pts-core: Improve text layout of test option prompts
IS_MESA_GRAPHICS defines for boolean types of graphics card / driver 
being used
- pts-core: Switch graphics functions to depend upon IS_*_GRAPHICS booleans
- pts-core: Add list-test-usage option for showing the tests that are 
installed with the time the test was installed, when the test was last 
run, and the number of times total the test was run
- pts-core: Update schema for some XML tags within user-config.xml
- pts-core: If PromptForDownloadMirror tag in user-config.xml is set to 
TRUE, prompt the user when running in a non-batch mode what mirror to 
download a test file from or optionally the user can input their own 
download location
- pts-core: Drop (GNOME) screensaver toggling from the core, move to a 
- pts-core: Move environmental variables to check for auto-loading of 
PTS modules out to modules/module-variables.txt
- pts-core: Change XRandR resolution detection to support xrandr version 
1.1 and 1.2
- pts-core: Add basic support for *BSD operating systems. Tested with 
FreeBSD 7.0.
- pts-core: Add analyze option for looking at PTS batch results
- pts-core: Add test properties type to PTS results file
- pts-core: Improve download caching for information displayed where 
tests aren't installed
- pts-core: Drop maintainer field from PTS Results Viewer 
(P_RESULTS_SUITE_MAINTAINER / PhoronixTestSuite/Suite/Maintainer)
- pts-core: Minor updates to local PTS Results Viewer
- pts-core: Allow the test description to be changed/set by the user at 
run time
- pts-core: Create unified batch mode support and make detection done at 
init time
- pts-core: Improve HAL motherboard detection
- pts-core: Set $HOME environmental variable while tests are running to 
the test's PTS directory and during the installation process
- pts-core: Add OS_TYPE to pts_env_variables() for defining OPERATING_SYSTEM
- pts-core: Improve graphics card detection
- pts-core: Clean up HAL (Hardware Abstraction Layer) parsing
- pts-core: Rename pts-run-benchmark.php to pts-run-test.php
- pts-core: Eliminate one second sleep time when determining whether a 
CPU throttling technology (EIST/CnQ) is enabled or not
- pts-core: Alphabetize list-possible-dependencies
- pts-core: Add support for detecting all available video modes
- pts-core: Allow test profiles to create options dynamically for the 
video modes supported by the test system's configuration
- pts-core: When running a test, allow the option name to be entered 
instead of just its number/position
- pts-core: Improve text strings during installation / external 
dependency process
- pts-core: Provide "Total Estimated Download Size: at the beginning of 
a test

- pts: Add ProjectURL tag to available test profiles
- pts: Add PTS External Dependencies support for OpenSolaris using IPS
- pts: Add linux-32bit-libraries generic package to PTS External 
- pts: General code cleanups
- pts: Add synaptic support within install-ubuntu-packages.sh for Debian 
package install support
- pts: xorg-development external dependency in ubuntu-packages.xml 
switch to xorg-dev instead of xserver-xorg-dev for acquiring all the 
needed packages
- pts: Add PTS External dependency for libstdc++5 named libstdcpp5
- pts: Add PTS External dependency for OpenAL and OpenAL development 
files named openal-devel
- pts: Update lightsmark to Lightsmark 2.0 2008
- pts: Switch relevant test profiles over to using auto-resolution

- documentation: Update CSS style / image interface
- documentation: Update documentation text and add page covering how to 
write a PHP/SH module
- documentation: Vast rewrite of the included man page

- pts_Graph: Always show key/legend if it's a single-type line graph
- pts_Graph: Use image antialiasing if it's available on the system
- pts_Graph: Add support so a graph module can resize its drawing buffer

- pts_LineGraph: Don't display the pointers if there are too many points 
on the graph
- pts_LineGraph: Improve graphing of the line when it comes to both ends 
and increase width to 2px
- pts_LineGraph: Add rotation identifier support
- pts_LineGraph: Improve line plotting

- pts_BarGraph: Add rotation identifier support

- tandem_Xml: Add a caching engine to the XML parsing/reading portion
- tandem_Xml: Add setFileCaching(), setTagCaching(), and setCaching() 
- tandem_Xml: Add isDefined() function for XML tags in tandem_XmlReader

- pts_module: If pcntl isn't present, don't thread and warn the user
- pts_module: Add a simple module called dummy_module for showing 
developers where the different functions are called
- pts_module: Add support for shell script PTS modules
- pts_module: Add sample shell script module (dummy_script_module.sh)

- email_results: Add a module to email test results automatically to a 
user upon completion. Specify the email address in the EMAIL_RESULTS_TO 
environmental variable.

- system_monitor: Poll sensors every 15 seconds during testing
- system_monitor: Add cpu.usage to MONITOR, fix some bugs as well
- system_monitor: Add gpu.freq to MONITOR

- graphics_override: Add graphics_override module for having FORCE_AA 
and FORCE_AF options for overriding anti-aliasing and anisotropic 
filtering levels with supported drivers

- toggle_screensaver: Move screensaver toggling code from pts-core into 
a module named toggle_screensaver. This module is loaded by default but 
controlled through the HALT_SCREENSAVER environmental variable.
- toggle_screensaver: Add KDE screensaver support


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