[trondheim-pts] Phoronix Test Suite 1.4.0 "Orkdal" Beta 1

Michael Larabel Michael at phoronix.com
Thu Oct 23 06:48:25 CDT 2008

Following a series of three alpha releases in the Orkdal series, I am 
pleased to announced the release of the first beta release for Phoronix 
Test Suite 1.4. There are quite a few changes between Orkdal Alpha 3 and 
Orkdal Beta 1, but any fallout will be minimal. There is still over a 
month until Phoronix Test Suite 1.4 will be officially released, but 
pts-core appears to be in great shape as it stands today. Beta 1 
consists of improved hardware detection, support for OpenSolaris 
2008.11, enhanced test management, and plenty of other changes.

OpenSolaris 2008.05 has been supported since Phoronix Test Suite 1.2, 
but with the forthcoming 2008.11 release there are a few changes that 
cause issues with the Phoronix Test Suite. This beta release has been 
reworked accordingly so that it should run properly on both OpenSolaris 
2008.05 and 2008.11. Enhanced hardware detection is also supported 
through reading information supplied by Sun's Device Driver Utility. The 
micro-timer framework introduced in Orkdal also had to be tweaked 
slightly in order to support the OpenSolaris PHP binary. All test 
profiles have also been updated to reflect whether the test is 
compatible with the OpenSolaris Operating System. To see which tests are 
supported on your platform, run phoronix-test-suite list-tests. The 
list-suites argument will also auto-update depending upon the tests that 
are supported.

This release also has more improvements for hardware detection. When it 
comes to graphics cards, there's a few more tweaks that should cause the 
open-source (ATI and Intel) drivers to be better recognized in some 
situations. The Phoronix Test Suite is now capable of reading DMI/SMBIOS 
using dmidecode when /dev/mem is readable. The DMI information is used 
to supply the system memory speed, capacity, and bank information when 
reporting the system components.

Starting with Phoronix Test Suite 1.4 Beta 1, when a test is installed 
the motherboard, processor, operating system, and compiler version are 
tracked. Subsequently when running a test if any of those tracked 
hardware/software components are changed it will force the 
re-installation of that test. In particular this will ensure that tests 
being built from source-code will use available build capabilities to 
the system and prevent users from forcing in "third party" binaries.

Some of the other work in this release includes code cleaning, various 
function optimizations, the ability for tests to append a "test note" 
when saving the test results, completing the Cascading Test Profile 
(CTP) implementation, support for reading the hard drive model on Mac OS 
X (the Linux hard drive model reading support was added in Alpha 3), 
graph rendering adjustments, and PTS module improvements. A number of 
test profiles and suites have also been updated. Additionally, a test 
suite named "nevada" has been added to reflect the main OpenSolaris 
tests (Nevada is Sun's codename for the next-generation of Solaris). New 
on the test side of things is the bork test profile, which represents 
the Java-powered Bork File Encryption program.

The source-code to Phoronix Test Suite 1.4 "Orkdal" Beta 1 can be 
downloaded @ http://www.phoronix-test-suite.com/?k=downloads Below is 
the official change-log for this first beta release.

Phoronix Test Suite 1.4.0 Beta 1
October 23, 2008

- pts-core: Improve detection of graphics cards using common open-source 
- pts-core: Fix regression in pts_trim_double() that would return an 
array instead of float-formatted string
- pts-core: Add support for detecting php binary at /usr/php/bin/php
- pts-core: Improve OpenSolaris hardware detection with motherboard and 
- pts-core: Make micro-timer framework use $PHP_BIN instead of php so 
that it can run on OpenSolaris
- pts-core: Fix bug in pts_contained_tests() that caused Phoronix Global 
IDs to not be detected
- pts-core: Track motherboard, processor, OS, and compiler version when 
a test is installed, and if any one ends up getting changed, force 
re-install of that test
- pts-core: Unify pts_test_generate_install_xml() and 
pts_test_refresh_install_xml() into pts_test_refresh_install_xml()
- pts-core: Don't report "Test Configuration" header for tests where 
there are no configuration options
- pts-core: Add and implement pts_test_result() class
- pts-core: Delete pts-results-description, pts-test-version, and 
pts-results-scale after reading them
- pts-core: Add pts_add_test_note() function for reporting items to list 
in the test notes of saved results
- pts-core: Allow test profiles to append a test note to a results file 
by writing the information to pts-test-note in the test installation 
- pts-core: Change directory to the test installation directory before 
running post.sh / post.php
- pts-core: Unify running pre/post/parse-results script running with 
- pts-core: Support pts_call_test_script() using Cascading Test Profiles 
so that extended pre/post/parse-results scripts can be run
- pts-core: Move ExternalDependencies tag location from TestInformation 
to Test Profile block (This breaks compatibility with earlier test 
- pts-core: Start reordering and optimizing pts-functions-run.php code
- pts-core: Allow select objects to be exposed to PTS modules when 
calling them, by passing them as the second argument in pts_module_call()
- pts-core: When removing a saved result, remove the SVG files too (just 
not PNG)
- pts-core: Support for reading HDD model on Mac OS X (currently SATA 
only and limited to a single drive)
- pts-core: Rework downloads.xml code to use 
pts_objects_test_downloads() with pts_test_file_download() class
- pts-core: Clean-up test install code and move External Dependencies 
code to pts-functions-install_dependencies.php
- pts-core: Pass select variables to PTS modules and describe the 
functionality in pts_module_interface
- pts-core: Support for running a test from a PTS graph file that's 
rendered as an SVG and then the user will be prompted with available choices
- pts-core: Add support for reading DMI information from dmidecode where 
available through the read_dmidecode() function
- pts-core: Add Linux support for reading DIMM speed, capacity, and bank 
information through DMI
- pts-core: Add __event_global_upload to PTS modules support for calling 
this function and passing the Phoronix Global URL when results have been 
- pts: Update espeak test profile with eSpeak engine 1.39
- pts: Change run-count for gtkperf test profile from 2000 to 5000
- pts: Drop etc/ folder full of XML template files
- pts: Fix compress-* test profiles with the proper 2GB file size
- pts: OpenSolaris External Dependencies XML was named 
opensolaris-package.xml when it should be named 
opensolaris-packages.xml, now fixed
- pts: Update all test profiles as to whether they support 
- pts: Add nevada test suite for key OpenSolaris tests
- pts: Add java-environment base test that provides the java external 
dependency and reports Java version to test notes
- pts: Update the location of the ExternalDependencies tag in all 
relevant test profiles
- pts: Set TimesToRun to 5 in timed-audio-encode base test
- pts: Add bork test profile for Java Bork File Encrypter test
- pts: Set TimesToRun to 3 for timed-build instead of 1
- pts_Graph: Write Y-axis title horizontally along the top of the graph 
instead of vertically
- pts_Graph: Round all dimensions and coordinates when using the SVG 

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