[pts] Ext4 vs Ext3, ext4 very very slow with sqlite

Bryan Quigley gquigs at gmail.com
Wed Mar 11 23:00:19 CDT 2009

What were the system specs/distro you used.  How did you format it ext4/3?

I did fresh Ubuntu alpha installs using the whole disk with the filesystem
in question (no swap). Sqlite results in seconds
Ext4: 1690.87
Ext3: 108.77
Ext2: 50.67
Reiser: 105.23
Xfs: 1196.03
Jfs: I must have forgotten to upload this result :(

I also did a Fedora Alpha install using the liveCd but couldn't actually get
it to match the above disk config.  (It wanted to set up an LVM, and didn't
seem to like me manually specifying ext4)

Just ran my own tests and did not see any such massive slowdown,
> although ext4 did clock in a bit slower, which is still interesting.
> Mine was on the order of 65s for ext4, 50s for ext3.  Barriers on either
> fs didn't make a huge difference.  xfs (w/ and w/o barriers) came in at
> ~45s just FWIW.
> -Eric
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